Rick Gilbride Memorial High School Scholarship

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Applications are Due April 5, 2024 at 5pm.

Mission statement
To reward Saint James Seton 8th graders who have demonstrated a commitment to athletics and sportsmanship through involvement in the Saint James Seton Athletic Association (“SJSAA”) or Saint James Elizabeth Ann Youth Soccer Club (“SJEAYSC”).

About the scholarship
The SJSAA established a high school scholarship in 2020. Each year the SJSAA will provide a nonrenewable $500 scholarship to one boy and one girl who have participated in athletics through the SJSAA or the SJEAYSC and will be continuing their education at an Omaha-area Catholic High School.

The process
Applications are scrubbed of all identifiable information, and applicants are judged on their answers to three questions, as well as a number of criteria including sportsmanship, coachability, positive attitude, skill improvements, leadership, team player, whether they have a positive relationship with their teammates (no bullying), their willingness to be coached, and whether they respect authority.

Rather than focus on a player’s athletic ability, we focused on the characteristics we believe will help them succeed in the classroom, on the athletic field, and throughout the remainder of their promising lives.

The name
We lost a friend who is near and dear to our hearts on February 2, 2020 when Rick Gilbride died from pancreatic cancer. His passing inspired our Board of Directors to memorialize Rick and his contribution to youth sports, SJS, and SJEA by naming the scholarship after him.

Rick is survived by his immediate family, including wife, Shannon, and children Cassidy, Kayla, Claudia, Drake, Roman, Khloe, and Maxximus.

About Rick Gilbride
Rick was deeply involved with SJS athletics as a parent, coach, and mentor. He had a passion for sports and helping others and combined those through his time on the SJSAA Board.

Rick was always committed to helping kids grow and learn through athletics. He began coaching micro soccer when his oldest two girls were three and six years old, and coached several other micro soccer teams as his other kids got to be that age as well.

In 2005, Rick started coaching girls basketball, not only at SJS, but also through OSA, the YMCA, and Jr. Pride. He coached four of his children on different teams at SJS from 2006 to 2017. His teams won several PAL tournaments, and other tournaments around the city. At one time, he was coaching three different teams at the same time. That’s how committed he was.

Rick also helped with St. James and Jr. Pride football and helped coach junior high soccer for several seasons.

Rick also loved softball and coached from 2005 to 2013 through the YMCA and Keystone Little League. He began umpiring softball in 2012 and worked his way up from U-10 to umping State girls high school fastpitch for his last four years—and was one of only 12 umpires across the state selected to do this.

Rick had also started refereeing elementary school basketball games in 2019, but was unable to continue due to his illness. Even in his last few months of life, Rick was involved with athletics. He was helping film football games at Roncalli and helping organize basketball tournaments from his hospital bed. He was dedicated to the kids and the community.

Rick has left his mark on the Omaha-area athletic community, and especially on St. James’ athletic programs. He was a hardworking volunteer and was named the SJSAA Volunteer the Year in 2017.

Scholarship recipients
2023   Kate Lampmann and Nolan Thomassen
2022   Kiana Kaldenberg and William Teahon
2021   Mary Euteneuer and Conner Thomassen
2020   Kaitlyn List and Micah Lytle

Congratulations. We wish you the best of luck in high school and beyond.

Pictured at right: SJS Basketball Coach Rick Gilbride and his son, Drake, celebrating a 2017 championship.

Rick Gilbride photo