About Us

The Saint James / Seton Athletic Association (SJSAA) is a self-funded parent organization that sponsors the following athletic programs for Saint James / Seton: volleyball, football, basketball, and track. All coaches are dedicated volunteers who believe in teaching fundamentals of the sport along with sportsmanship and Christian values.


The SJSAA is commissioned by and responsible to the Saint James / Seton Total Board of Education. The Saint James / Seton Athletic Association’s purpose is to manage and support the Saint James / Seton Athletic Program.

Mission Statement

Our athletic program is a direct outgrowth of our Christian education philosophy; that is, a balanced approach to athletics to develop oneself mentally, socially and physically, with Christ as the center of attention on and off the athletic field / court.

Athletics should be conducted so that the emphasis is placed on their value as an educational tool. The success of our program should not be based on the number of games won and lost but rather the attitude, commitment, and dedication shown by the contestants, spectators, and coaches.

Program Goals

Students will be encouraged to:

  • Develop self-discipline to achieve the greatest physical and mental efficiency.
  • Develop good sportsmanship and make this a major aim in competition.
  • Teach the acceptance of reasonable discipline necessary for the good of the team.
  • Promote loyalty, dedication, and commitment to their team.
  • Promote wholesome attitudes and outlets for emotions.
  • Foster and develop friendships.
  • Provide experience in leadership and responsibility.
  • Keep alive the spirit of youth and preserve the joyous zest for living.

Questions: contact us at sjsad17@gmail.com