SJS Seeking Track Coaches

Saint James is seeking volunteer track coaches for the 2021 season.  We need two primary coaches and two to four additional volunteers to help with field events.

Practice typically takes place twice a week beginning in March. If the weather is too cold or inclement, practice takes place in the SJS gym.  Once the weather improves, practice moves outdoors. Schedule permitting, we try to practice once a week at the Roncalli track.

Saint James track and field team is open to 6th through 8th grades students at SJS, and 5th through 8th graders who do not attend SJS school but are members of the Saint James or Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton parishes.

Events offered include:

  • Track Individual – Hurdles, 100, 800, 1600
  • Track Relay – 4X100, 4X200, 4X400, Sprint Medley (100-100-200-400), and Distance Medley(200-200-400-800)
  • Field – High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot-put, and Discus

Meets take place on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and there are typically four to six meets per year.

Athletes may participate in four events per meet (running/field combined).

Our team typically consists of 40-45 athletes (20-25 boys and 20 girls).

If you or someone you know are interested, please contact Sammie Becker.

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