Gallery of Champions

Photos from left to right (top to bottom on mobile site):

First photo: The 5th grade girls basketball team won the Saint Roberts March Madness Tournament. Great job Brooklyn W., Cecilia L., Dylan J., Elana P., Emma S., Evie R., Hallie M., Lou S., Mady T., Mary P., Molly G., and Nyla K. and coaches Jerry Wellwood and Rob Sherrick.

Second and third photos: The 7th grade boys A team won the PAL regular-season championship. Congratulations to Aaron K., Andy J., Brian K., Eli M., John C., Kaden L., Kyle T., Promise C., Seth J., Will J., and Will T. and coaches Tony Tubrick and Seth Johnson.

Fourth photo: The 6th grade boys team was PAL regular-season champions. Congratulations to A. Kibonge, Dakota K., Jackson P., Jacob R., Nate F., Nolan T., P.J. K., and Sean C. and coaches John Corrigan, Michael Thomassen, and Steve Plies.

Fifth photo: The 8th grade boys B team was runner-up in the PAL tournament. Congratulations to Braden M., Caleb K., Cesar R., Conner T., Devin B., Ian A., Marcus H., Nathan E., Phillip D., Ryne L., and Tim P. and coaches Jim Hurtz and Tyler Lux.

About Us

The Saint James / Seton Athletic Association is a self-funded parent organization that sponsors basketball, cross country, football, track, and volleyball for children in Saint James / Seton School and the parishes' PRE program.

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Wednesday, May 18 at 7:00 p.m. at the St. Elizabeth Ann Parish Center.
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